Puerto Rico’s leading newspaper, El Nuevo Dia, published an op-ed today by Puerto Rico Limpio co-founder Hiram Torres Montalvo in which he labeled the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s announcement of closure at the toxic landfill in Toa Alta “fake news.”

The truth, he wrote, is that Toa Alta will remain open, still receiving waste and still posing an imminent threat to the public and the environment. One thing is clear: the EPA and the Government of Puerto Rico have not used their authority to close any of the more than 70% of the Island’s landfills that are open and operating today, which violate the law and threaten our communities.

An Excerpt from: “Padlock the toxic landfills” by Hiram J. Torres Montalvo (April 13th, 2017)

…“The EPA claimed this order was shutting down the landfill and stopping them from accepting waste. But this was fake news. The action by the EPA did neither, and in fact, Toa Alta can continue to operate.”

… “The EPA estimates that up to 30,000 children and elderly living in Toa Alta face a heightened imminent danger to their health right now.”

The time for excuses is over. We can no longer blame former administrations for today’s mistakes. We can no longer simply go to Washington to ask for more Medicaid monies and promote statehood. The U.S. Congress and the Financial Oversight Board have spoken, and both want to see closure.”

To read the full article in El Nuevo Dia, click here.