Energy Answers’ billion-dollar taxpayer-funded boondoggle is the new Whitefish

Yesterday’s testimony by Noel Zamot, the Revitalization Coordinator for the Puerto Rico Financial Oversight Management Board, championing a trash incinerator to solve the Commonwealth’s toxic landfill situation is grossly misleading, and shows contempt for the environmental tragedy that has unfolded for a decade in Puerto Rico.

There is nothing about a trash incinerator that will help address the municipal landfill crisis in Puerto Rico.  The incinerator is nothing more than a $750 million taxpayer-funded bridge-to-nowhere that will generate little power at a high price and contribute nothing to solving the landfill crisis.  By demanding 75% of its billion-dollar price tag to be financed by American taxpayers, this is more than just a boondoggle, it’s the next Whitefish.

The real solution to the landfill crisis is closing the toxic sites and building a safe, sustainable waste management system that will serve Puerto Rico’s recovery and economic rebound.  We believed, until yesterday, that the Board believed this, too. This is disappointing.

Furthermore, Zamot falsely claimed that the landfill crisis in Puerto Rico “is the reason why the EPA is supporting this project”, when in fact the EPA plays no role in “supporting” Energy Answers’ efforts but merely issues permits, and the EPA has never expressed support for their incinerator as a solution to the landfill crisis.

We thank Congressman Gutierrez and Ranking Member Grijalva for their continued support in the fight against the environmental injustice we have faced in Puerto Rico’s landfill crisis, and condemn the attempts by the Board and their cronies to pollute Puerto Rico for their own self-interests.

We call upon the Trump administration, Congress and Governor Rosselló to prioritize funding for closure in the forthcoming supplemental that will soon be discussed and voted upon in Washington.

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