Puerto Rico faces a landfill crisis. Instead of safe, law-abiding municipal landfills, we have mountains of toxic trash that is threatening our communities in every part of our country. For this reason, we have launched PUERTO RICO LIMPIO to expose the truth about the landfills in our communities, to denounce the violations we citizens know about, to educate the public about the threat that non-compliant landfills post to our health and safety, and to demand action.

We are a multi-sectoral group of citizens, from different municipalities and regions of Puerto Rico, who have started PUERTO RICO LIMPIO on the internet to call on citizens from every community to act as whistleblowers about toxic, dangerous landfills in your community.

Share with us your denunciations, your concerns, and add your voice to our demand for action. You can find useful information here about what to look for, how it is dangerous, how it breaks the local and federal rules, and what we can do together to fight for a cleaner and safer Puerto Rico.