September 23, 2023

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5 (Healthier) Alternatives to Conventional Fall Scented Candles

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5 (Healthier) Alternatives to Conventional Fall Scented Candles

If you know me, you know I really like a cozy at-dwelling condition. Dim lights, a warm bevvie in my preferred mug, gentle tunes playing and ideally a soup simmering absent in the crock pot. And for a whole lot of years, that circumstance integrated allll the scented candles lit all all-around the house— especially in the tumble & winter season months.

One thing about these cooler months just make these major scents so significantly much more pleasing, appropriate? Apple spice this, pumpkin latte that, cedar and fir and cocoa scented candles utilized to be this kind of a issue for me. That is, until I noticed the way they ended up building me sense anytime I lit them.

Maybe you can relate… these candles seem so magnificent and romantic when you see them in the aisles of your preferred large-box stores, so you deliver them home, light them and then know an hour later you have a boring headache or your nose is plugged or  you simply cannot quit sneezing (amongst other challenges). Or, maybe none of that, but you know respiration in synthetic fragrance isn’t excellent for your lungs, cells and hormones…. but however sad to give up the ambiance and *feels* of the year. 

Any one else?

When I found the way so several of these candles actually built me truly feel a several many years in the past, I realized I couldn’t pretend it was all right. And over the a long time as I have cleaned up my personalized treatment, cleaning and dwelling goods, I knew it was time to change my tactic to common scented candles, far too. This took me a few a long time, by the way. It is a psychological method in some cases too… till you can locate swaps you really like just as a great deal.  Which, hello— is why I’m sharing them with you currently. 

There are so many more alternatives than just nothing at all 🙂

Lots of conventional scented candles release harmful chemical compounds and contaminants when you burn off them, including formaldehyde and benzine which are perhaps cancer triggering (source). Eek, nooo thank you. The droplets and particles they launch into the air as they burn can enter your lungs and ultimately lead to heart and lung complications.

On top rated of that, lots of merchandise (including candles) that list “fragrance” as an component really do not truly specify (and are not demanded to) what is in the fragrance. A good deal of occasions, these fragrances are built of much more hazardous chemical substances that we truly don’t want to be respiration in and consuming.

But as another person who enjoys to make my dwelling sense cozy (and smell awesome!), I have had to get creative with finding possibilities to common scented candles. Right here are my 5 beloved swaps instead of normal scented candles!

5 options to typical scented candles

01. Beeswax tea lights:

Utilizing unscented accurate beeswax tea lights in lovely glass vessels (like Glassybaby) has the similar temper and ambiance as your favorite scented candles, with no all the harmful toxins. These types are my favorites, but warning they offer out each tumble, so grab a box or two for the seasons ahead.  An additional great brand  to search for is Massive Dipper Wax Performs (and area to seattle as well!), who helps make in a natural way scented candles also that smell like the spa. 

02. Diffusing necessary oils or employing an critical oil room spray:

Large top quality critical oils are designed with pure substances, so you can sense excellent about releasing them into the air you breathe. Rather of leaving you emotion headachy like some candles can, important oils have truly been demonstrated to boost power, enhance your mood and support with items like nausea or tiredness, between other added benefits.

Applying important oils with a diffuser (enjoy this just one!) or a non-poisonous necessary-oil based mostly home spray is my preferred way to make my household odor good with out the hazardous candles. I looooove this Heat Citrus Spice and Crisp Smoky Woods home spray, produced with all natural substances and necessary oils. Rather of striving to make your personal layered scents, both of those are properly curated & correctly blended that invoke coziness, hygge and that special *feeling* a scented candle can convey.

If sprays aren’t your point, they also have vital oils for a diffuser also for equally of these scent mix choices. There are also possibilities for cleanse scented soaps also, if neither the oils or sprays are your vibe. Preserve 15% on any of these clean up scent items with code ‘simplyrealhealth’ at checkout!

Excess idea: If you are seeking for some important oils to make your individual blends and combos (or for other teas, supplies, and many others), I adore this on the web shop. Their sourcing is unbelievable.

03. Burning Palo Santo sticks:

Burning Palo Santo sticks (or diffusing an critical oil) is these types of a hygge move. This scent is everything… it is a full vibe. It is woodsy, calming and so soothing, like a pine forest. And recognized to apparent out any unfavorable or stagnant energy in your space… an added reward! I appreciate this as a enjoyable selection in the colder months specially. There is also a Palo Santo room spray if which is far more your matter (it is for me). 

03.5 Pure incense. This business would make synthethic fragrance free of charge incense sticks if the woodsy vibe is much more your fashion. Believe pinon, sweetgrass, and so on.

04. Diy simmer spices:

You can also make your own Do it yourself simmer spices. All you need is a couple of cinnamon sticks, cloves and/or star anise from the bulk spice part, and either an orange (for the peel only) or an apple, sliced up. Incorporating a sprig of rosemary is optional, too. Deal with all substances in a pot with water and permit simmer on your stove for 10 minutes. Flip off heat and scent the awesome-ness in the course of your residence. It’s a entire expertise and sooo beautiful.

05. Naturally fragranced candles:

Not ALL fragranced candles are produced similarly (aka, with ick components), and some really are made with natural scents, crucial oils and clean wax. Check out a much more obviously fragranced candle, like my own fav L’avant. They’ve obtained a pleasurable vacation fir 1 that will come out seasonally if you can capture it. Snag by yourself some incredible dish soap although you’re at it, as well. We adore this woman-run neighborhood Seattle enterprise! The crucial is preventing candles created with paraffin wax (aim for beeswax, coconut wax or soy as an alternative) and seem at what the fragrance is manufactured of (we want vital/all-natural oils).

What are your favored natural possibilities to scented candles? Share them underneath so we can all get more ideas!


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