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The electric hospital bed is mostly used in the hospital, that will takes care of the general needs of the patients, and you can get the best hospital bed for sale at a cheaper price.


The electric hospital bed is the widely used hospital bed as it comes with advanced features and functions. You can get a lot of hospital bed for sale but this electric hospital bed stands the best as it not only support the patients but also assist the caretakers during bathing, or any kind of therapy, or even during the treatment. The best part of this bed is it will be more flexible and also it requires less physical support and handling.

What is an Electric Hospital Bed?

The hospital bed is the most well-known piece in the hospital environment, and it is widely used as it offers more comfort to the patient and caretakers. Most people get confused when they need to choose a hospital bed as it comes in different sizes, shapes, and uses. Among all the options, the electric hospital bed is considered the best as it can be easily accessible.

This hospital bed is not only manufactured for the patients, but they also considered the caretaker’s experience. Nowadays, you can get the electric bed at home also, as they are customized according to the patients’ needs and requirements. If you are purchasing a hospital bed for sale, then make sure that your bed has the following requirements;

  • The bed should be made of collapsible aluminum alloy, and also it comes with the aluminum guardrails
  • The steel frame will be powder coated
  • This kind of bed offers pedal locking castors by offering high-protection to the patients
  • The bed can be easily flexible as it comes with an electric lifting system. So, the patients can able to move without causing any disturbance to their comfort level
full electric hospital bed

Top 4 Electric Hospital Bed:

If you are looking for a hospital bed for sale, then you will get a lot of options that will confuse you. So here are the best 4 electric hospital bed that will satisfy your needs and requirements;

  1. Paramount Hospital Bed

This paramount hospital bed is specially made for the intensive care unit, and also this bed comes with two telescopic columns. Along with the telescopic column, it comes with the translucent x-ray section. The paramount telescope is attached for the following reasons;

  • You can able to move the bed in an up and down direction for both the knee section and the back section
  • The bed can be easily auto-contour
  • You have access to move the whole bed up and down
  • In one button press, the bed offers chair position to the patients
  • This bed comes with a unique remote control device, anti-collision wheel, decompression function, lifting columns, angle indicator, and x-ray board

The telescopic column is mounting on the hospital bed, and the other functions of the hospital bed are adjustable functions, and central locking breaks padal for protecting the patients. You will also get the LCD which shows the adjustment functions on the nursing board.

paramount hospital bed

  1. Fully Motorized Electric Hospital Bed Bariatric

The best part of the motorized electric hospital bed for sale is that it comes with a three-year guarantee, and also this bed consists of a leading brand actuator. When you are processing the adjustment functions the motor remains silent. Also, this electric bed is specially designed using the central locking braking system, so it offers protection to the patients. 

Some of the best features of this electric bed are;

  • Using the pushing button, you can able to fold and open the button
  • It can be adjusted over the height and low
  • It comes with the CPR release function and auto-regression position
  • You will get a hand-controlled device along with this bed

This bed not only consists of advanced features but also comes with high-end functions;

  • The electric hospital bed can be easily assembled and also easily removable
  • It comes with an anti-bumper on four sides of the hospital bed
  • The guardrails can be stronger so it can be easily foldable and it is made of metal
fully electric hospital bed

  1. Electric Medical Bed

This electric medical bed is known for its three high and low functions, and it consists of an electric motor that helps to raise the head and foot to the integrated height which can be done by doing a single push on the remote button. The best part of this bed is that you can also use this bed at home. It is not only suitable for the patients but even it offers high-support to the caretakers. 

This bed can be customized based on the patients’ needs and requirements, and this bed can be operated by manual hand operation. The head and footboards are removable, and they provided the locking system to protect the patients during traveling. The bed is surrounded by the side rail with an angle indicator.   

electric medical bed backrest

  1. ICU Electric Hospital Bed 

The ICU electric hospital bed is a five functioned bed and it can offer positions such as back support, knee support, height adjustment, Trendelenburg, and Trendelenburg reversed. This electric bed consists of a branded motor and also it is considered the best in the medical industry as it ensures the most premium features, and also it offers high-level safety for the patients. 

This bed is specially designed for ICU purposes, and its designs are more convenient for patients. It offers both a touch control board and remote control board so it will be suitable for both the patients and the caretakers. The bed platform comes with a tight surface so it offers high-comfort to the patients. 

icu bed trendelenburg

Bottom Line:

Depending on the position of the bed, you can able to find a lot of hospital beds for sale. But the electric hospital bed stands special as it comes with easy-to-use functions, and also it offers comfort to both the patients and the caretakers. Depending on the needs and requirements, the hospital bed can be customized. 

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