January 27, 2023

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How Does Having Asthma Affect Your Child’s Identity?

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Asthma's Impact on Your Child's Life

Some parents believe that asthma and their child’s mental health are unrelated, while others disagree. Well, it is valid to some extent. Like asthma can affect your child’s mental health as well as their character development. Many children’s lung asthma and sleep specialists have been diagnosing kids with severe mental health issues. 

Having asthma can be very scary and challenging. It might have an impact on your child’s entire life. Children with asthma frequently miss school. They thus doubt their capacity to take part in groups or athletics. Additionally, some kids feel ashamed of taking medications in class. Even when a child’s asthma is minor, parents occasionally believe it to be life-threatening. Many parents of asthmatic kids think that asthma can harm their child’s mental health. With the help of your kid’s doctor, you may learn how to manage your toddler’s asthma and reduce anxiety for both you and your child, if not completely.

Even more specifically, children and teenagers with asthma tend to be less active than their classmates without the condition. Organizational rules, family disease beliefs and behaviors, medical advice, and incorrect ailment assessment and identification may all have an impact on decreased involvement. Because of miscommunications and a need for explicit corporate instructions, schools may be hesitant to urge kids to participate in special activities or regular play activities. If it is thought that a child’s lack of exercise or need to use additional inhalers is detrimental, parents may be willing to accept it. Most youngsters simply seem to accept inadequate diagnosis and management, and they commonly confuse normal exercise-induced breathing difficulties with the warning signs of an imminent asthma exacerbation.

Your child’s asthma specialist doctor Manchester might have suggested you to go see a psychologist, but is it really necessary? Let’s to what extent it is helpful.

What a psychologist can do to help?

To answer the question that was asked above, psychologists can be helpful, and here’s why.

Distinguishing The Symptoms

Sometimes it can be difficult for kids or teenagers to explain their ailments or even how their prescriptions are controlling them. 15 to 60 percent of asthma patients have difficulty describing their symptoms, which might result in an overuse of medicine.

Children and teenagers can learn to recognize and appropriately articulate their symptoms with the assistance of therapists. This is frequently achieved by encouraging heightened awareness of physiological sensations and identifying scenarios where symptoms might manifest. Psychologists can similarly assist kids in identifying “trigger” circumstances where symptoms may appear more frequently for example in cold weather. The best strategy to treat asthma is to increase the child’s ability to identify stressors and explain signs.

Help Managing

Asthma is frequently a distressing condition that necessitates challenging behavioral, hormonal, and cognitive changes. Psychologists can support youngsters and their families by discussing asthma coping mechanisms.

Families with children with asthma may find it difficult to adjust to certain circumstances, such as changing schools or starting a new medication. In contrast to problematic coping mechanisms like ignoring or dismissing problems, a therapist can interact with families to encourage good coping mechanisms like problem-solving. According to research, practicing effective coping mechanisms can significantly improve children’s life experiences. But also point this that we advise parents to visit an asthma specialist before going directly to a therapist. You can search for an asthma specialist near me for a consultation.

Addressing Asthma-Related Anxiety

Kids who have mental issues or indications may experience additional difficulties managing their asthma. Children who have increased anxiety levels frequently experience difficulty due to the development of an asthmatic association with anxious breathlessness.

Psychotherapists could assist youngsters in learning techniques to differentiate amongst scenarios that may be causing difficulty breathing due to worry vs asthma, as well as helping families know that breathlessness is also a typical indicator of anxiety. They may also go over techniques for controlling anxiety that develops in the presence of asthma symptoms, such as mindfulness meditation. 

When helping with issues associated with asthma, clinicians may employ a variety of therapy or strategies. Below are descriptions of two popular forms of therapy for an example they have CBT or ACT, that is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. 


Visiting an asthma specialist in Manchester when you child is having an asthma flare up is important just as visiting a therapist for the anxiety issues that come with the ailment. No parents should take them lightly. 

Searching for a psychologist in your area is tough, just as you searched for a asthma doctor near me you can also search for a therapist.

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