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Period panties? Everything you need to know about menstrual underwear

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Period panties? Everything you need to know about menstrual underwear

Period panties – if you haven’t nevertheless read of them, the time is now. Healthista finds out far more about period underwear, its benefits and our favorite brands 

The excitement bordering period of time panties continues to increase, but if you are still doubtful accurately what interval underwear is, we’re in this article to reveal extra in addition we want to share with you the models we trust and have tried out for ourselves.

On ordinary, a single girl will use approximately 11,000 disposable sanitary products through her life span.

Which is really a stunning statistic taking into consideration that just one disposable pad contains the same total of plastic as four plastic baggage.

just one disposable pad includes the exact same quantity of plastic as four plastic luggage

‘Plastic luggage choose up to 500 many years to decompose in our landfills, just before breaking down into micro plastics that pollute our oceans, rivers, seashores and contaminate our h2o,’ warns Paige Fashoni – Founder of FLUX Underwear.

‘By switching from standard period products to reusable eco-friendly period products like time period trousers, you can lower your menstrual waste by a whopping 99.5 per cent!’

Not only are period panties poisonous free of charge and give us 1 a lot less detail to fret about when it comes to the cocktail of toxins we pollute our bodies with on a day-to-day foundation, but eventually they permit you to do suitable by the environment because of to their sustainable attributes.

Here’s why you ought to ditch the professional makes and modernise your sanitary practices…

You’ll stay clear of harmful components identified in our present sanity items

‘Testing of traditional disposable sanitary towels and tampons above the several years have uncovered a number of dangerous harmful toxins and chemical substances,’ reveals Fashoni.

‘The principal harmful toxins include pesticide residues, dioxins, parabens, plastics and fragrance chemicals. These have been linked to a amount of diverse concerns, these as cancer, hormone disruption, reproductive damage and pores and skin irritation’.

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You will steer clear of the danger of poisonous shock syndrome

‘Toxic shock syndrome is triggered by a type of bacterial infection, particularly Staphylococcus or Streptococcus germs,’ states Fashoni.

‘While there’s no one result in, there are some items that can enhance your danger, such as the use of tampons. When tampons or other time period solutions like menstrual cups, are remaining in the vagina for extended quantities of time, this can generate a breeding floor for microorganisms, and when the microbes gets out of hand, it can cause poisonous shock syndrome.

‘The symptoms of poisonous shock syndrome can occur on extremely suddenly and can include things like substantial fever, vomiting and diarrhoea. It is a significant infection which necessitates urgent health-related focus.

when the germs receives out of hand, it can cause toxic shock syndrome

‘You can reduce your chance of poisonous shock syndrome by removing inside merchandise like tampons and menstrual cups frequently, or by employing period of time goods that are external, such as sanitary towels, reusable period pads or time period underwear’.

You’ll also be serving to the ecosystem

‘Using reusable choices this kind of as interval underwear can be kinder to your physique as solutions like ours at FLUX Lingerie are smooth and gentle on the skin, containing no poisons or chemical substances,’ Fashoni advises.

‘You do require to be mindful when wanting as some time period underwear can include PFAS or silver, employed as an antibacterial software.

‘As outlined before, reusable period of time items like our time period underwear are kinder to the surroundings as they can be utilized thirty day period right after month, changing hundreds of disposable pads and tampons from heading to landfill’.

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Healthista’s favorite interval panties…

#1 FLUX Lingerie

flux undies period panties

FLUX Underwear are a British-centered time period pant pioneer. Producing sustainable, comfortable period merchandise made with function in brain.

Kinder to your skin, the components they use are Oeko-tex certified, that means they are free from any nasties and safe and sound to set on your most fragile and intimate elements.

They are also PETA-accredited vegan products and solutions – the lingerie derive from 100 per cent material and are cruelty-free.

Charges commence from £16.95



MODIBODI period panties

We really like Modibodi for its seamless array, applying the softest most breathable supplies.

The mixture of Modifier Air Technological know-how and Merino wool, presents super dampness wicking absorbency, is gentle on pores and skin, normally antimicrobial and anti-odour for more freshness.

Price ranges start out from £17.50


#3 Saalt

saalt underwear period panties

Saalt is the world’s to start with plastic damaging time period treatment brand, with a line of effectiveness period of time underwear that absorbs up to a few frequent tampons value of period of time stream – wow.

Moisture-wicking, antimicrobial layers and a leakproof barrier as well as staying super cozy and the most classy period of time don we have at any time found.

What makes Saalt Put on different is its moisture-separating gusset engineering that wicks away wetness to maintain end users emotion drier, lengthier.

Rates from £32



What about Menstrual Cups?

Extra people today are now recognising the environmental and individual gains of switching to cups as properly as period of time panties.

The menstrual cup takes advantage of fewer, wastes fewer, and is cleaner to develop.

A person menstruator generates an ordinary of 7.3 kilos of time period waste for every year, and as described over will use about 11,000 disposable, one-time-use menstrual solutions more than their reproductive life span.

Just one menstrual cup diverts 3,000 tampons or pads from landfills and our oceans over ten decades of use. This doesn’t even look at the strain on normal means that the production of so numerous tampons results in, and the carbon footprint of all that production.

saalt menstrual cup period panties

Menstrual cups are not only an earth-helpful product, they offer you an all round far more comfortable period practical experience.

The Saalt Cup is created of 100 for every cent health-related-grade silicone that is protected to use, hypoallergenic and in a natural way bio-appropriate, and due to the fact it doesn’t dry you like tampons or leave a soaked ecosystem like pads, utilizing the cup lessens the prospect of discomfort or an infection while also retaining your vagina pure PH.

They are odour free of charge, relaxed, and dependable, considering that the cup can be worn for up to 12 several hours to work out, journey, and go about your day. Cups also final up to ten several years which translates into less squander and most likely above £1,000 in financial savings.

Saalt Cups are offered in two different measurements, catering for grownups and teens.

Saalt’s respond to to retaining excellent cleanliness and blocking an infection

We believe that the ideal way to defend yourself from poisonous shock syndrome is to start with instruction and the correct use and maintenance of menstrual cups.

It is important to thoroughly clean and sanitize your cup routinely, and avoid the use of inserted period of time items if you have cuts, sores, or an lively infection of any type.

Sustain appropriate cup hygiene by:
  • Boiling your Saalt Cup for 4 to 5 minutes (no a lot more than seven minutes).
  • Or wiping it carefully with 70 per cent Isopropyl liquor to sanitize in involving intervals.
  • Washing your storage bag by throwing it in with a load of laundry.
  • Cleaning your arms thoroughly in advance of inserting or taking away your cup.
  • Rinsing and cleansing your cup with chilly drinking water or a Saalt Menstrual Cup Wash during your interval.
Acquire a break from your menstrual cup if:
  • Your cup feels like it may well be much too large. Indications of this include overstretching your vaginal tissues when inserting and eliminating, leading to tearing or bleeding unrelated to your time period.
  • You have a scratch, sore, or reduce in your vaginal tissue.
  • You have an an infection these types of as bacterial vaginosis, a yeast an infection, or an active sexually transmitted an infection.

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