September 23, 2023

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Quantum Physics Astrological Timing

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Quantum Astrology Timing

Doing the right thing at the wrong time is just as ineffectual as doing the wrong thing at the right time.

All is timing. Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us that the whole Universe is run on a Divine timing table.

The Divine time table, for our Solar System, has moved us out of the S.T.E.M. (space, time, energy, matter continuum) of the Age of Pisces. We are now entering a 2000 year period of rotation around our Galactic Sun, called the Age of Aquarius.

Our Solar System’s orbit around our Galactic Sun is moving counter-clockwise through the Astrological Ages.

Each new Age brings with it gifts from the Creator God. The gifts from the Age of Aquarius are the Internet, the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Science of Energy Astrology.

It is time to close the books on Astrology written during the Age of Pisces. They are no longer pertinent. And they have the flavor of Pisces as well as floating in an ocean of words that may not have any relevant meaning for the Age of Aquarius.

Astrology for the Age of Aquarius will be an Energy Astrology. It will be based on Energy Relationships, not high abstracting words or phrases.

Your individual Solar Chart is based on the movement of our own Earth around our Sun. It gives you an exact Astrological Divine Blueprint for your life.

Without our Sun, there would be no life on our planet. It’s energies are very important to us and all living things on the planet.

Your Solar Chart’s structure is a wheel divided into twelve thirty degree arcs. Each thirty degree arc is a house. ” In my father’s mansion there are many rooms.”

Each of the houses represents a place of experience for you.

Starting with the first house, which is the first house on the horizontal line of the wheel. This is the House of your personality. I will now name the other houses and I will use only one key word to describe them.

Why? Because every word means something different to each of us.

When I say ‘Personality’ it has many different meanings to me then it does to you. The meaning it has to me has to do with my life experiences.

All true meanings are based on our life experiences. So I will not give you my meanings for the keywords for the houses. I will allow you to form your own ‘meanings’ from your own life experiences.

The new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics is about doing it yourself. No more middle man to tell you how to do it.

The doors to the secrets of the Universe are wide open for you.

The closer you follow the Divine timing blueprint of your Quantum Solar Chart, the more conscious you will become. The more conscious, the smoother will be your ride through life.

Your particular Solar chart has your Sun Sign in your first house. The other eleven follow around the wheel.

I am a Sagittarius, therefore I place Sagittarius in my first house of personality. Capricorn will be in my second house (money). Aquarius in my third house (communications.)

Pisces in my fourth house (home.) Aries in my fifth house (creativity). Taurus in my sixth house (health).

Gemini in my seventh house (relationships). Cancer in my eighth house (sex) Leo in my ninth house (wisdom).

Virgo in my tenth house (career). Libra in my eleventh house (friendships). Scorpio in my twelfth house (mysticism).

Now you do the same for yourself.

How does the timing work? Whatever sign the Sun is in NOW, is placed in the appropriate house of your Solar chart.

I am writing this article while the Sun is in Capricorn. Therefore, I place Capricorn in my second house of money.

That means for thirty days the power from the Sun will be shining in my second house of money. This is the house I will place my attention on. This house of money will be powered every year at the same time. This is my Divine Timing Blueprint. As the Sun rotates every thirty days to a different house, it powers that house.

The correct conscious way for me to live my life according to my divine blueprint, is to focus on the house that is being powered by the Sun.

Now it is money matters, not home nor relationships, nor health, etc.

They will take care of themselves and I will address them when the Sun enters their houses.

You will become aware that when the Sun powers a certain house. Why? Because people, places and events will enter your life to help and direct you in that area.

If you do not pay particular attention to the house, money house in my situation, you may miss the chance meeting, the important phone call or letter that was sent to help you.

The whole Universe is designed to work perfectly, because it follows a divine plan.

Man was given free will and with this gift we have drifted away from or forgotten that there is a Divine Timing Law guiding us.

Farmers know this when they planted and reaped. Animals know this when they migrate. Bears know when it is time to hibernate and when to wake up.

How is it that they know the secrets of Divine timing and we don’t? They don’t have the freedom of free will to make mistakes with.

Well, start working on the Divine Timing of your own Spiritual Quantum Solar Chart and your secret for being as well as the secrets of the world will be opened up to you.

It is our gift of Spiritual Quantum Physics from the Creator God. The gift of “I Know!”

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