October 4, 2023

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The Secrets of The Tibetan Eye Chart and How It Can Improve Your Vision

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If you’ve not heard of the Tibetan eye chart, it is one of the more powerful ways to improve your vision. Here is a look at how you can use this to improve your vision naturally.

In order to improve eyesight we will have many methods that can be used. Out of all, one has managed to gain a lot of attention lately. We are referring to techniques that were used by Tibetan monks. They created a special chart that was used in order to improve vision. It was called the Tibetan eye chart.

The Tibetan eye chart looks a lot like a geometric drawing of squares, triangles and circles. In order to improve eyesight you would need to go through a simple exercise routine. It was believed that if you simply move the eyes over this chart you are going to take them through a good workout. This should improve vision. The Tibetans also thought that the chart was going to help by relieving tension that is found in the area that surrounds the eyes. There were even some that though that the Tibetan eye chart will do wonders in helping by eliminating lipids while bringing in nutrients that were helpful.

The problem is that we have no real proof that this chart will work. It can seem unlikely that something like this would have still been in use if it did not work. Also, specialists agree that eye exercises help to improve eyesight. The Tibetan eye chart is basically just a series of eye exercises so we can say that there is a very strong chance that it can help.

To sum up, it is almost sure that the Tibetan eye chart can help but it will not bring in tremendous results. The main aim is to relieve tension stored in your eyes and to exercises the muscles. Also, you should exercise and rest your eyes regularly. By doing this you basically help the eye to work better.

Practice techniques like palming and distance focusing. These helps the eye relax as well as train the eyes and “push it” to see clearer and better. These are natural techniques you can do from home or the office. Do it regularly and you will see positive effects within weeks.

However, if you have medical problems you should mainly focus on what the doctor is telling you as exercises are definitely not going to help.

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