May 26, 2022


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Types of Drug Abuse – A Few Things to Know About Drug Abuse

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Types of Drug Abuse – A Few Things to Know About Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a significant problem in many countries. Nowadays, it creates a severe issue for a person’s mental health. When you use drugs in illegal ways or take this more than the regular dose, it may impact your health. 

Most of the people performed such things to feel good and avoid stress & satisfy their soul. Here in the below sections, you will learn About drug abuse & its types.

Different types of drug abuse

  1. Stimulant abuse

Stimulant abuse is one type of drug abuse that causes physical & psychological impacts. The individual abuse stimulants experience a boost in energy. Sometimes it may be effective for individuals who are suffering from mental health issues. There are a few stimulant abuses that include Ritalin, Cocaine, Dexedrine, and many more. 

  1. Adderall abuse

Adderall is mostly used for the treatment of hyperactivity disorder. When you take this drug as per the prescription, it can increase your focus & memory power. But when you take this higher than the prescribed amount, you may end up with cardiac complications & sometimes you may get a heart attack. 

  1. Heroin abuse

There are almost one million people in the world who were abusing it. When you take heroin more than the standard amount, then it reduces the physical & physiological distress. 

Heroin is a drug that is mostly smoked or injected into an individual. These are affordable & quickly obtain. Most of the people who abuse heroin end up with an increased risk of disease like HIV. 

  1. Cocaine abuse

It is a street drug that is extremely popular in various countries. It is derived from the coca plant. When you take to overdose on this substance, then you will feel energetic. 

  1. Sedative abuse

These drugs are primarily used to treat anxiety disorders. Most people used to consume this drug to reduce anxiety, sleep disorders, and panic attacks. People who are suffering from the obsessive-compulsive disorder also used to take this drug. It is a popular drug abuse substance because of the relaxation they produce. 

  1. Ecstasy abuse

When an individual consumes Ecstasy’s overdose, he/she will experience hallucinations. This drug offers many positive impacts on the people who are suffering from euphoria. But when someone abused this drug, it offers various adverse effects like dehydration and many more.

  1. Opioid abuse

Almost 11 million people in the USA abused opioids. These are addictive substances that can impact your health. Overdose of opioids may result in organ damage & various respiratory problems. 

  1. Meth abuse

These are exceptionally toxic elements that contain pseudoephedrine. It includes various deadly elements that may cause various diseases. If you take an overdose of meth, then you may end up with physiological problems. 

Is there any sign of drug abuse?

Yes, there are various signs about drug abuse. If you took drugs regularly and feel a loss of interest, it is a clear drug abuse sign. 

Some people notice there is a drastic change in their physical appearance because of drug abuse. If you also experience a puffy face, loss of interest, rapid mood swings, and sleeping disorders, then it may be an alarming sign for you. 


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