March 3, 2021


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Why you should wear a quality face mask

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Why you should wear a quality face mask

Coronavirus has made life different. Now, people can rarely go anywhere without using face masks. You can be stopped by doing your economic activities if you are not wearing a face mask. Hence, you need to wear a quality face mask, here is why:

A quality face mask protects you and other people

Getting infected by coronavirus is no child’s play, seeing how patients struggle to survive. If you do not wear a mask, you are at a high risk of contracting the virus. You could also be infected already but asymptomatic; your refusal to wear a face mask will put others around you at risk. They may get the virus from you. Face masks also protect you from other free radicals that cause illnesses when they gain entrance into the body.

A quality face mask keeps you from experiencing breathing difficulties

Quality face masks have holes through which you can exhale air and inhale air after purifying it. However, poor-quality face masks have no such holes. As such, the wearer is forced to breathe in their exhaled air, which is carbon dioxide. Breathing in carbon dioxide may cause uneven breathing, clumsiness, emotional upsets, fatigue, etc. If you are infected, breathing in your exhaled air may push the virus down your lungs, thereby worsening your condition.

A quality face mask causes no irritation

Most poor-quality face masks cause sight discomfort.  This is because the air exhaled is pushed upwards and it goes directly into the eyes. Since air is exhaled every minute, the wearer has to deal with sight discomfort now and then. Additionally, some face masks cause irritation and allergies.  Over time, face masks absorb dirt, makeup products, creams used on the face, etc, and become contaminated. If you do not wash it, you are likely to contact another disease. Your face masks should be the stipulated type of face masks health bodies advise you should use.

Here are the things to look out for when buying a face mask:

Check out online reviews

There are different types of face masks out there parading to be good but are not. Reading what other people have to say about the brand of face masks you want to buy will help you make a good decision. For instance, if most people complain that the face masks they used irritated their skin and caused them breathing issues, you should know that the face mask is not good enough. Online reviews will also help you know who is selling the best face masks in the market. It is also important to use the right skincare products alongside your face masks. You can start by reading reviews of Agora and Skinstore when you buy quality skincare products.

Buy the stipulated type of face masks

Most health bodies agree surgical masks are the safest face masks. So you should buy one if you want a quality face mask. However, if you would be using other types like the one made from fabrics, ensure it is well made and of good quality. Also, go for a material that does not irritate your skin and allows you to breathe freely. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.