October 4, 2023

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Zi Wei Dou Shu (Aka Purple Star or Emperor Astrology)

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Zi Wei Dou Shu Destiny Study is another main branch of Chinese Astrology alongside with Bazi or Four Pillars that the ancient Chinese used to unveil their predestined affinities by applying its techniques to enhance their general well-being be it on a personal, business advantage, and daily level. In short, Zi Wei Astrology enables us to better comprehend and optimize our lives at each phase or episode during their journey of success and trepidation.

Zi Wei Astrology is different from fortune-telling, such I-Ching and Bazi. Zi Wei Astrology has been widely practised in ancient China especially during the Song and Miing Dynasties. Zi Wei can be translated to mean “Purple Star” or “Emperor Star” and Astrology means “Interpretation using esoteric techniques”.

The main focus of Zi Wei Astrology is to study a person’s destiny based on the movement of various stars and the location of Zi Wei Star within the twelve different palaces or houses or quadrants.

The variation in methodology in calculating the person’s destiny is different from school to school. For example, there are northern and southern schools in addition to different techniques variation adopted for calculation and interpretation.

Zi Wei Astrology uses calculations of a person’s year, month, date and time of birth to allocate the stars inside the twelve different palaces. The chart that is constructed forms the person’s personalised Destiny Chart and this chart corresponds to the person’s entire life’s “ups” and “downs” as they unfolds over the course of their life.

The next step after constructed the personalised Destiny Chart is to understand the meaning of the twelve palaces. And then to go on to understand the broad and narrow definition of stars besides seeking a further understanding of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches in each respective palaces, houses or quadrants.

The five elements with its generating and controlling cycle principles cannot be overemphasized when it is used in the mix of interpretation of a probable event or projected outcome either on a personal or business level. For it can cause one to be in a pathetic or triumphant state of mind.

Another interesting factor is the time of birth. By knowing it, one can already deduce one’s orientation in life and what holds closely to their heart and mind. Thus, knowing which double-hour one is born can provide an indicative perspective of the person’s “general mindset”.

In this system of Zi Wei Astrology, the palaces can shift or rotate around but the stars within each palace or house or quadrant remain. It is similar in analogy to taking a train ride. When one starts a journey as in since birth, it moves from “one station to another station” in life as it progresses, the views outside the train window changes while one remains on the moving train until it reaches the final destination which means here end of one’s journey or life.

Thus, the 12 standard stations or stages are: Fate Palace where the starting luck cycle varies for each person, thus there is pre-fate palace where one begins life. Next is Sibling palace, if any to begin interaction with them and this can include one’s peers as well. Third comes spouse palace which is based on old Chinese tradition, one gets settled down first before greater responsibilities befall on them. Fourth, according to ancient tradition, having children is the next first responsibility and obligation of the married couple to carry on the descendant tree.

Fifth, one will have to feed the family where it is represented by Wealth palace. Sixth is health palace where health is paramount to all especially one has to find ways to bring in more wealth for the family. This can take a toll on one’s healthy being. This is what it means by mid-life crisis by modern interpretation.

Seventh, is travelling or relocation palace, where one has to make frequent trips away from home to seek new opportunities as the demand for better living justifies its means. Eighth, is friends palace where one will seek unity and socializing to build strategic bridges or alliances in order to gain bigger advantage in life. Ninth, one will be at career palace where building up one business fortune or empire takes its full extent. Tenth, one’s property will be enhanced and can be in fixed asset related matters including buying a second property or renew the current property to accommodate growing population at home. Eleventh, this is the retirement phase or the happiness stage or some interpretation labels it as Karmic palace. Though one goes into retirement eventually, whether one is in happy or melancholic or charitable state of mind will very much depend on how one lives during the last ten palaces of the person’s life. Final stage,Parents/Ancestors/Seniors Palace where one returns into the embrace of the source for protection, support and care. Thus, to be forewarned is to foretell, which is what one can influence, depending one’s action and approach to life, the likely final outcome to be.

One of the important tenets of interpretation with high accuracy is the understanding of the meaning of the stars appearing in different palaces. Though there are many stars to consider, experience tells us that fourteen major stars and its supplementary stars will be sufficient without bringing into the mix the auxiliary stars for generally correct interpretation. Unless finer aspects are required, then auxiliary stars could be added on to bring out “more flavours” to the dish. An analogy would be: there are Major Stars and Co-Stars in the movie and they can jointly bring up the plots and theme of the show or story when they are in different scene or “palace”. Auxiliary stars are like extras or stunt-artists, where appropriate inclusion into the mix, to add more flavours or spice up the excitement. And the person is the Producer and Director of their own movie.

This is simply amazing especially when one is able to take a peek into their own future and to know early in their life how it can evolve over time. This is synonymous to allowing one to make the “right” decision under different circumstances so that one will be able to achieve optimal prosperity and harmony at different stages of one’s life.

May Success, Prosperity and Harmony Be Contagious in your Life.
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